Let’s play golf in Las Vegas in 2020

Let’s play golf in Las Vegas in 2020

Intercontinental Team Challenge 2020: A Ryder Cup Style event for amateur club golfers!

The bookings for this event is now open with 36 places per team reserved on a first come first serve basis.

The Organizers, World Golf Tournaments (WGT) believe that it is time that something new is added to this competition to make it an all inclusive tournament for amateur golfers from all parts of the world.

Imagine yourself representing your country against players from the USA over a 4 day Ryder Cup style event to see who will be this year’s Champions.

We have seen Europe win the Ryder Cup in 2018, The USA win the President Cup in 2019 and the fantastic and fanatical support there was for both teams, now it is time to find out which team will be crowned as the Intercontinental Champions in 2020.

With only 36 places available this is bound to be a very sought after event, thus early bookings could secure you a place to represent your country. Coupled to the fact that the event is taking place in the Gaming Capital of the World – Las Vegas, this is a must play event for all amateur golfers across the World.

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