Australia becomes latest country to join International Pairs

Australia becomes latest country to join International Pairs

Voyager Golf Travel (VGT) run by David Sheahan, is delighted to be the newest licensee for International Pairs World Amateur Competition in Australia.

This is a prime time for golf clubs from all around Australia to include the International Pairs Australia event as part of their schedule for 2022. It is a world-renowned prestige event in which all amateur golfers can participate.

The excitement generated by this event will grow quickly here, as Aussies love their sport and golf in particular. During the pandemic golf has become one of the most popular recreational sports with many golf clubs throughout the country recording large increases in new memberships.

This International Pairs event brings a new dimension to golf clubs in Australia as they will be involved in a global event and gives their members a chance to be part of a long-standing prestigious and reputable event that has spanned more than 24 years.

It is also recognition for both the Golf Clubs and its participating members that an event such as this is available to play-in through their own home club or through our Sponsored OPEN Events.

David (Dave) started golf late in life and quickly found he had a passion for it, so much passion in fact, that he started a golf travel business, Voyager Golf Travel (VGT).

For over a decade both Dave and his wife, Barb, have developed their love, ability and understanding of the game and now enjoy playing golf on a regular basis. Dave and VGT have been fortunate to have a PGA pro and coach as their business partner. Together, through Voyager Golf Travel, they have helped others enhance their passion of this great game and enjoy playing golf in Australia and many other parts of the world.

Dave said:- “ When I was introduced to this opportunity to host this event, I really couldn’t believe what a fantastic fit and compliment it is to VGT, however what is even more exciting is the opportunity to help the amateur golfer be involved in this global event, have them experience what it is like to play in a worldwide competition and where they can win an all-expenses paid trip to the world final”

According to Golf Digest there are several Australian golf courses in the world’s top 100. We, at VGT, are very fortunate that we are able to bring people to our country and host golf tours for them and for them to experience what great courses Australia has to offer.

*Reference golf digest greatest-golf courses.

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