Frequently Asked Questions

Entrants can play on any Internationally rated Golf Course on any day in their respective country, the pair will have to play on the same day and in the same 4ball, 3ball, 2ball grouping. You and your partner will then record the hole by hole score on the Hole19 Golf App.
A Pair can consist of 2 men, 2 ladies or mixed (lady and man).
Yes, all qualifying round scores should be entered on your national handicapping system after the round.
You will play off your last updated handicap/ your latest handicap. Please make sure your handicap stays up to date on the Hole19 Golf App and is updated before you start your next qualifying round.
Yes you can, A player could decide to give him/herself more opportunities by registering in more than 1 pair and play in the competition. It must be taken into consideration that a player may only qualify for the world finals with one partner and each pairing will have to submit separate scores, thus:
  • Player X plays as a pair with Partner A – cost is 5 Euro per player per round (10 Euro per pair).
  • Player X decide to also enter as a pair with partner B – cost is 5 Euro per player per round (10 Euro per pair) - separate to point 1 above.
  • Player X decide in addition to the players A & B above to also enter as a pair with partner C – cost is 5 Euro per player per round (10 Euro per pair) - separate to point 1 and 2 above.
You can download the Hole 19 app on the Google play store for android users or on the Apple AppStore for Apple iPhone Users.
  • Entrants will register for each round they would like to play 48 hours prior to the round, entrants can register using the ‘Register Now Link’ on the International Pairs Golf website found under the Hole 19 Digital Challenge on the menu or by registering on the Hole 19 Golf GPS App.
  • International Pairs will then send the registered pair a unique competition link via email. This will be a unique link for each qualifying round the player registers to play.
  • Click on the unique link and make sure to click on “JOIN” in the top right corner.
  • On the day of your round, both members of your team simply need to insert their scores in their own Hole19 Golf GPS app. The International Pairs Scoring Committee will automatically have access to your scores to calculate the team’s better ball score (Note: Make sure you and your partner play the same course, tee-boxes and date that you indicated in the registration form)
  • Players must register & pay through Hole19’s exclusive registration form
  • The  registration fee is €5 / £5 GBP / CHF 5 per qualifying round per player
  • Players will be required to play with a partner that is also registered on the Hole 19 Golf GPS App
  • The format is better ball stableford (best ball)
  • A minimum of 8 qualifying rounds must be played and the best 5 rounds count towards the leader board
  • Each player from each participating pair will track their own scores within the Hole19 Golf GPS app
  • Country winners will be invited to attend the 2021 World Finals, all expenses paid
Each country will have their own leader board where you and your partner’s better ball stableford (best ball) scores displayed. Remember only the 5 best rounds count towards your leader board position.