Hole 19 faqs

Entrants will be required to play a minimum of 8 rounds of golf between 1 July 2020 – 31 August 2021 to stand a chance of going to the World Finals, but is not limited to 8 rounds, you can play as many rounds as you like!
Leader boards will be updated 48 hours after your round is completed and will be displayed on the International Pairs Golf website under Hole 19 Digital Challenge in the menu > Leader boards>  Select country you are from.
Each country will have their own leader board where you and your partner’s better ball stableford (best ball) scores displayed. Remember only the 5 best rounds count towards your leader board position.
No refunds will be allowed once a player has entered, for any reason. If you cannot play a round you registered for, due to medical or urgent reason, you will be required to notify International Pairs Support prior to your round via email support@denmark.internationalpairsgolf.com or contact form and your round will be cancelled. This prevents any discrepancies that may occur. You may be required to send proof for reason of cancellation.
  • In the event of a tie (on the leader board – thus the total of 5 best rounds), based on better ball stableford points, your 6th best round will determine the winners, if still tied, 7th best round will determine the winners and if still tied, 8th best round will determine the winners.
  • If teams are still tied after above, the count out, based on better ball stableford points, will be holes 10 to 18, then holes 13 to 18, then hole 16 to 18 and lastly hole 18 (as recommended by R&A). This will be done on the best round on the leader board.
  • If still tied the process as in the point above, will be followed for the 2nd best round, if still tied the 3rd best round, if still tied the 4th best round, if still tied the 5th best round, if still tied the 6th best round, if still tied the 7th best round and if still tied the 8th best round. Should a winner after this process still not be found the winners will be determined by a lottery.
You can download the Hole 19 app on the Google play store for android users or on the Apple AppStore for Apple iPhone Users.
Entrants can play on any Internationally rated Golf Course on any day in their respective country, the pair will have to play on the same day and in the same 4ball, 3ball, 2ball grouping. You and your partner will then record the hole by hole score on the Hole19 Golf App.
A Pair can consist of 2 men, 2 ladies or mixed (lady and man).
Yes, all qualifying round scores should be entered on your national handicapping system after the round.