Interview with the Mayor of Obidos, Filipe Daniel – Unveiling the Charms of Óbidos – International Pairs World Final 2023

Interview with the Mayor of Obidos, Filipe Daniel – Unveiling the Charms of Óbidos – International Pairs World Final 2023

Nestled in the heart of Portugal, the picturesque village of Óbidos eagerly anticipates the prestigious International Pairs World Final 2023. With its medieval allure and natural splendor, Óbidos stands as a timeless treasure, drawing travelers from around the globe to experience its rich history, architectural marvels, and culinary delights.

In an exclusive interview with the esteemed Mayor of Óbidos, we delve into the town’s enchanting offerings, the significance of the International Pairs partnership, and the exciting lineup of events set to enhance the participants’ and visitors’ World Final experience. Join us on a captivating journey through the cobblestone streets, ancient walls, and flourishing cultural scene as we unveil the essence of Óbidos and the fervor surrounding this world-class golfing extravaganza.

1. How would you describe the Portuguese village of Óbidos to visitors and tourists?

The village of Óbidos, located in the heart of Portugal, a few kilometers from Lisbon, is a treasure that combines medieval charm with natural beauty. Often described as a charming and safe village, with its narrow cobbled streets and picturesque white houses, in a natural and environmental setting. Washed by the Atlantic Ocean, it is known as the Silver Coast, connecting to one of the largest saltwater lagoons in Europe, the Óbidos Lagoon. The historic center is surrounded by ancient walls and offers a unique atmosphere, inviting visitors to explore Portuguese history, culture, and tradition.

2. Óbidos is known as the walled village and for its medieval history and architectural attractions. What tourist spots do you recommend participants and guests visit during their stay?

Óbidos is famous for its medieval walls and castle, which are must-see tourist spots. Additionally, I recommend visiting the Church of Santa Maria, the Municipal Museum, the Santiago Bookstore, the Biological Market, the Usseira Aqueduct, the Chapel of São Martinho, and the José Saramago House Museum. Rua Direita is one of the most charming streets in the village, full of craft shops and cozy restaurants. During their stay, visitors can also enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and experience the history of the seven parishes of the Municipality of Óbidos.

3. How does the partnership with International Pairs benefit the local community? How do you see this impacting Óbidos’ future as a golf destination?

The partnership with International Pairs is a unique opportunity to strengthen Óbidos as a globally renowned golf destination. This benefits the local community by attracting visitors who not only participate in the tournament but also explore the wonders that the municipality has to offer. The growing popularity of golf in Óbidos has a positive impact on the local economy and the future of golf tourism in the region, as the weather conditions allow for the practice of this sport throughout the year.

4. Are there any special events or activities planned in conjunction with the World Final to enhance the overall experience for participants and visitors?

Yes, several special activities are planned to enhance the experience of participants and visitors during the World Final. On November 7th, there will be Knights and Queens dressed in style, who will host the banquet and medieval dances. On November 9th, during the prize-giving dinner, the ‘Rancho Etnográfico da Capeleira’ will perform.

5. In addition to golf, what other activities can visitors enjoy in the village of Óbidos and its surroundings?

In addition to golf, Óbidos offers a range of unforgettable activities. Visitors can explore nearby beaches such as Bom Sucesso Beach, Rio Cortiço Beach, or Vale de Janelas Beach, which are popular for surfing or bodyboarding. The Óbidos Lagoon offers excellent conditions for other water sports such as kite surfing, windsurfing, and canoeing, in addition to over 80 kilometers of cycling and hiking trails. The village is also known for cultural festivals (FOLIO and Latitudes), music events (Bom Sucesso Festival and Opera Festival), Medieval Market, and other events such as Óbidos Christmas Village, Óbidos Gaming Village, and, in a more religious context, Holy Week, while for the younger crowd, the World Hip Hop Championship, all of which can enrich visitors’ experiences.

6. What traditional Portuguese cuisine should participants try during their stay in Óbidos?

During their stay in Óbidos, participants should try traditional dishes, from grilled fish to fried eels, to seafood (clams, cockles, razor clams, and mussels), all of which are local products that are part of the Mediterranean cuisine, considered UNESCO heritage since 2013. To accompany these, they should taste the fantastic DOC Óbidos wines, ending with the traditional “Ginja,” a much-appreciated Obidos liqueur.

7. As the Mayor of Óbidos, what are your hopes and personal aspirations for the International Pairs World Final in 2023, and what message would you like to convey to all participants and guests?

As the highest authority of the Municipality of Óbidos, I have high hopes and aspirations for the International Pairs World Final in 2023. I want this event to reinforce Óbidos’ position as an excellent golf destination, providing participants with a memorable and authentic experience. My message to all participants and guests is to make the most of their stay in Óbidos, enjoy the local hospitality, culture, cuisine, and stunning landscapes. I wish everyone an exciting competition and unforgettable moments in this charming Portuguese village, which continues to be a reference destination.

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