A New Era – The Next Phase of the International Pairs

A New Era – The Next Phase of the International Pairs

The last couple of months have been a huge frustration to golfers and event organizers all around the world. The constant changing of the golf landscape was one of our biggest challenges.

Good news

There reportedly was a growth in memberships and rounds played whenever the opportunity to play was presented. This is extremely positive for all of us at International Pairs as it presents a larger market that we will be able to target.

During worldwide lockdowns, we quickly realized that people spend more time reading emails and engaging on social media than ever before.

This presented us with the opportunity to do comprehensive market research and plan the next phases of the International Pairs.

The Future for International Pairs

You should be aware that International Pairs has a 23-year history. Our goal was to analyze International Pairs’ public image and optimize our brand in line with what players want and expect from us. The feedback has been interesting and has given us the opportunity, based on market research, to visualize a future with exciting innovations and changes that will benefit all role players within the International Pairs framework.

Market research included potential sponsors, licensees and the broader golfing public. Feedback on the market research and innovations to be followed in coming weeks.

Here are some of the outcomes of the survey

The history of the event:

52,7% of People surveyed stated that this plays an important role as it creates a platform of stability, sustainability, and durability.

33,5% said it makes no difference as long as the competition is being played, offering the golfers an opportunity to participate in an international event.

13,8% – Indifferent, does not matter either way.

The marketing team’s recommendation is that we stay with history of the event and drive home the points of stability, sustainability, and durability, whilst building on the theme of making history.

International Pairs Logo:

88,2% of respondents did not recognize the current logo.

82,7% of those surveyed, when studying the logo felt the logo is old, outdated and looked “tired”. It held no real value, and they did not understand the elements of the current logo.

The recommendation is to revamp and modernize the logo with unique individual layers that clearly display the key elements of the International Pairs. It was decided that this will be the initial point of departure.

If you follow us on Facebook and/or LinkedIn as well as Twitter you would have seen the full revealing process of the new logo, over the last few weeks with the full reveal now completed. If you don’t follow us on social media, please do so, to ensure you stay updated with the latest news.

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