Additional Division for International Pairs World Finals

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, July 1 — International Pairs Golf are delighted to announce the addition of a World First Brand New Division, and thus an Additional Way of Qualifying, for the INTERNATIONAL PAIRS WORLD FINAL. Effective from 2021 World Finals

Hole 19 – International Pairs Digital Division

To be known as the Hole 19 – International Pairs Digital Division, this WORLD FIRST DIGITAL COMPETITION presents a new and fun way of entering the International Pairs. (one of the largest worldwide events for amateur club golfers)

In this, the 1st season of the Hole19 – International Pairs Digital Division, it will only be available in selected countries. The intention is to roll it out to all countries via the Hole19 App in the near future.
The selected countries are:

United Kingdom

The benefit, and reason for the additional Division, is to make the event more inclusive, while keeping the golf FUN in this 1st of its kind in the World, International Pairs Qualifying Event.

Due to Covid-19 it has forced all golfing parties to look outside the box at safe ways to play golf on a competitive and world stage for club golfers. With Digital scoring the organizers have managed to launch a brand-new International Pairs qualifying event on a World -wide scale.

Entrants will enter as a PAIR, on the Hole19 App as the format is Betterball (aka Best Ball) Stableford Points. A pair may consist of men, ladies or a mixed pair (lady and man.)

The Cost

Each player will pay a competition fee of

1. 5 Euro per player (10Euro per “Pair”) for countries who are part of the EU 2. 2) 5 GBP per player in United Kingdom (10 GBP per “pair”).
3. 3) 5 Swiss Franc per player in Switzerland (10 Swiss Franc per “pair”)

Country winners will be invited to attend the 2021 World Finals at no additional costs.

Each player will capture their own score within their Hole19 App

In these times of Corona Virus & Covid-19 awareness, social distancing, healthy precautions and safety procedures, this makes the event as safe as it can possibly be. In addition, all players must adhere to the health and safety requirements of the golf clubs at all times.

The built-in algorithms in the scoring system used will confirm current handicaps, validate scoring, and determine the better-ball score for the pairing.

View The Rules & Regulation

View Frequently Asked Questions

Updated leaderboard per country, will be available on www.internationalpairsgolf.com Each pair may play as many rounds as they like during the qualifying period but must play a minimum of 8 rounds. (1 June 2020 to 31 August 2021).

Visit The Website for More Information and detailed rules.

About Hole19

Hole19 is the most complete mobile app for golfers of all skill levels that want to improve their performance and connect to a worldwide golf community. Trustful, free and easy.

We are obsessed with connecting you to the world of golf. Whether by allowing you to discover great courses, gaining a better understanding of your game, or connecting with golf friends from all over the world, our team works hard to give you a better golfing experience.

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About International Pairs

International Pairs is one of the largest events in the World, held exclusively for amateur club golfers with a registered official handicap.

The event began in 1999. as a Pairs Event held in England, and open to players from all their regional governing bodies.

It has grown into a truly International event, in which many countries participate in their own National Qualifying processes, in order to determine their best team, which will represent their country at the World Finals.

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