Sweden joins the International Pairs Family

Sweden joins the International Pairs Family

International Pairs Welcomes Rolf Ohlson and Jörgen Kirchhoff as the new International Pairs Licensees for Sweden & future Scandinavian Countries.

International Pairs in Scandinavia 2021

In 2021 International Pairs will start in Sweden and to be specific, it will start smoothly in the south of Sweden with qualification competitions at 36 golfclubs during June to August. The Swedish final will be played in mid-September at Barsebäck Golf & Country Club, Masters Course.
The winning pair will represent Sweden at the International Pairs World Final and have 4 days of amazing experiences with golfers from 30 countries around the world.

International Pairs in Scandinavia 2022

In 2022 Rolf & Jörgen will introduce International Pairs fully in Denmark and Norway as we are convinced it has everything to be an annual highly excited competition in the years to come. International Pairs unique concept and management’s ability to handle future expansion to more countries is done in a really great way. The vision is to get International Pairs to be a win-win for golfclubs, golfers and sponsors in a great fun and exciting tournament.

Rolf Ohlson:

” I have been working in banking/finance for a long time but in the last 5 years concentrated more on golf, and I love it! Golf is an important part of my life and it is fun to share time while being social with other players.

My experience stems from working at PGA Sweden National, one of the finest Swedish golf resorts, and at the biggest golf shop, Dormy, as well as with golf projects like this. I really look forward, together with Jörgen, to make International Pairs a fun and exciting competition for Swedish golfers, so they can join and play with golfers in the fantastic International Pairs World Final in Portugal 2021. We will give Swedish golfers the opportunity, in association with Westgolf Portugal, to discover the fantastic golf and experiences in Portugal. “

Jörgen Kirchhoff:

” I have worked within the Travel Industry for more than 30 years with leading stars such as modern management, top service, high quality and to deliver the best travel experience possible.

I am Danish-Swedish and I am married to a Brazilian-Portuguese lady. We live north of Lisbon, where my wife runs a boutique for women offering amongst other top-quality swim- and underwear fashion.

Golf has been a part of my life for almost 40 years and I have some of Europe´s best golf courses in my neighbourhood and this is why Westgolf Portugal was started one year ago – to ensure golfers have the opportunity to play these great courses.

Last year I heard about a competition called International Pairs and I got invited by the founders to watch the world final in the Algarve. I immediately saw that this was something very special, and we agreed to introduce International Pairs in Scandinavia in 2021-22.

During 2020 I have entered into a new partnership with Rolf, who has lots of experience and energy and make me believe even more in our project.

I feel privileged and grateful to work with such a unique and fun event concept, and to be able to use both my presence and my contacts in Portugal as well as my roots and network in Scandinavia. “

For more information on the Sweden/Scandinavia events contact Rolf & Jorgen:  info@denmark.internationalpairsgolf.com

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