The light at the end of the tunnel: A look back at one of the toughest years in golf!

The light at the end of the tunnel: A look back at one of the toughest years in golf!

2020 has been a very tough year in the golfing industry, as we’ve seen the spread of Covid 19 growing wider worldwide with multiple shutdowns and lockdowns. A great amount of stress has been put on golf courses, events, and their staff but it has not all dark days as we’ve seen some of the golfing sectors flourish during the epidemic.

Lockdown golfing

Being ‘lockdowned’ most people had more time hands for a few extra hobbies, from DIY activities to exercise regimes and of course more time for golf for the fortunate! We’ve seen an uptake in the game of golf with new players joining the game every day and golfclub memberships increasing, for the more experienced golfers out there, be patient and don’t lose your cool with all the new feet on your course, instead guide, help and advise where you can as we have all been there before, you never know your luck as one day you could be partnered with that player and he/she could carry you through to the International Pairs World Final!

Welcome to the family

The International Pairs has also welcomed a few new licensees in the Year 2020 and has been in talks with potential new countries on signing up. We welcomed Northern Ireland, Iceland and Sweden and look forward to hosting the licensees and their players in the World Finals this year.

New Ideas and concepts

Covid has caused and forced the golfing industry to adapt and try new things and has been the case when International Pairs launched the Hole 19 International Pairs Digital Challenge. The Digital Challenge gives golfers the opportunity to still play competitive golf without the fear of overcrowding and at the luxury of their own time. In Hole 19 International Pairs Digital Challenge golfers will also play as pairs of 2 in a betterball stableford format, golfers register online for a round, record their scores on the Hole 19 app and is then transferred onto their countries’ leaderboard. The Digital Challenge is currently available in the UK, Germany, Ireland, and Belgium. Any golfer with an official handicap index can sign up online and take part. The Hole 19 International Pairs Digital Challenge winners in each country will win an all-expenses paid trip to The International Pairs World Finals in Portugal to compete for the Digital Division Championship. Follow the link to find out more about the event:

International Pairs in 2021

The International Pairs World Finals is still scheduled for 26 October to 30 October 2021 at Penina Hotel & Golf Resort in Algarve, Portugal, we look forward to seeing all the licensees and players for another extravagant event!

We wish all our fellow golfers a prosperous 2021, stay safe and happy golfing!

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