Worldwide Golf Business Opportunity Challenges become opportunities

Worldwide Golf Business Opportunity Challenges become opportunities

No initial capital investment required!

International Pairs is a worldwide golf competition for amateur club golfers with a recognized golf handicap and is arguably the World’s largest amateur pairs golf competition. License opportunities are now available worldwide in selected territories, allowing you to run your own golf event business.

Covid-19 has changed several things in our lives. Some lost their work, others had a chance to think and evaluate their lives, jobs and decide if where they are now, is where they want to be.

If you are looking for a new opportunity or considering a change of scenery, wanting to run your own business, or looking for a different challenge and opportunity within the golf event market, talk to us.

Blueprint for success

International Pairs represent a unique opportunity to start your own golf events company in your chosen territory.

We have built a comprehensive blueprint for over 21 years to establish International Pairs. This will assist you in your territory with tried and tested sales and marketing solutions, enabling you to hit the ground running within weeks of securing your license.

An International Pairs license provides a unique opportunity to develop an internationally recognized brand, in your territory.

International Pairs HQ (based in South Africa) provides support to ensure each Licensee realizes its potential, whilst developing the brand.

Fundamentally, our Licensee offering represents a significant income generator in its own right. The simplicity of the model enables individual licensees to reap commercial opportunities, in both established and developing golf markets. Similarly receiving significant advantages, whereby using the brand as an internal and external networking tool.

License Model

The License is sold on a worldwide basis to successful candidates, who then possess a level of autonomy in event implementation and the selling of sponsorship in a select territory.
Whilst each Licensee will benefit from tailoring the model according to their current golf market, our events provide a series of systems, processes, and best practices, to ensure the correct delivery and representation of the concept.
Fundamentally, The events provide overarching support to all its licensees. In having an association with the brand, you will be responsible for organizing a golf tournament series, open to any person within your territory.

New Horizons

The event stable doesn’t stop there. We have several proven events ready to launch when current tournaments become oversubscribed.
Following years of successful global expansion, we now offer new opportunities in selected territories to integrate fully into the offering which presents a truly exciting future for all.
For a free consultation contact us, it could change your life.

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